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On the Way with The Way

Human beings live between being and becoming - who we are and who we are not quite yet. German philosopher Josef Pieper referred to this as our status viatoris in his wonderful little book On Hope. We are all wayfarers, a people on the move, pilgrims in a strange land that is

familiar, but not quite home.

Likewise, Dr. Peter Kreeft has explored this curious situation in which we are find ourselves by pointing out that "we alone can fail to achieve our nature"; dogs are always "doggy", cats are always "catty", but we can be "inhuman." Our human essence is not so much a fixed substance, but rather something mysteriously bound up with our own choices. In a very real way, God invites each human person to participate in "creating" himself or herself. My self-determination is not, then, a power I can rightly claim to be exclusively my own. Rather, it is a gift - a lifelong journey over which God grants me stewardship and which he traverses with me always. As the apostle Paul writes in Philippians 1:6, "I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work in you will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Jesus says "follow me" as well as "I have called you friends." (see Matthew 4:19 and John 15:15 respectively). What does this journey of friendship with my loving creator look like for me? Comparing this unique and personal affair to another's is almost like comparing apples and oranges. No two localized applications of God's infinite, loving creativity are ever quite the same.

In a sense, God has all the time in the world just for you precisely because he has no "time" as you or I think of it. He is not bound to be here one minute and somewhere else in a half hour. He is not more attentive or devoted to anyone more than he is to you, whoever you are. This means that the God of the universe wants to share every single moment and everything with you!

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