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Harrisburg Area Chesterton Society

There is hardly a better way to experience Chestertonian joy than by reading G.K. Chesterton---unless it's reading Chesterton with others! There are now over 100 local societies around the world where people interested in Chesterton gather regularly to enjoy friendship and fellowship, and to read and discuss a selection from his vast corpus of literary works.

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About the Society of
Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton is a Catholic lay apostolate, recognized formally as a canonical private association of the Christian faithful. Our mission is to evangelize through education, inspiring people to live joyful, holy lives, with G.K. Chesterton as a model of lay spirituality. To help carry out its mission, the Society sponsors the work of the Chesterton Schools Network and adult education through its annual conferences, publications, and the support of local Chesterton Societies.

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Picking a Book

What is a Harrisburg Area Chesterton Society gathering like?

Picture this: 1) A small group of friends 2) gathering in someone's home for some refreshments and a glass of wine/beer/other beverage of choice and 3) reading and casually discussing a selection from the vast corpus of one of the wisest, most prolific, insightful, joyful and witty authors who ever wrote in the English language. Chesterton wrote about 100 books, contributed to hundreds more, and wrote countless thousands of essays during his career, and his insights are just as profound today as they were a century ago. If you're interested in joining us for a gathering, feel free to email us!

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