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A Christmas Poem (written December 2006)

A season returns with a promise of hope -

A promise made to man by his Maker.

Behold, to us is sent a King for all ages,

And to Him be glory and praise forever.

From His glorious throne in Heaven’s heights

God gazed down upon the world of His making.

In sorrow He saw the dismay and discord,

The agony over which His heart was breaking.

And so, in the gentlest peace of His mind,

The Father called on His Son, the Begotten:

“Beloved, to them do I send you this hour,

To restore them to a life they’ve long forgotten.”

The Son, ever obedient to His Father,

Agreed without the slightest pause.

And thus in the purest womb of Mary

God’s seed was planted with noblest cause.

Opening herself to the will of the Father,

The Mother of God, the Ark she became.

Overshadowed by the love of the Holy Spirit,

Blessed is she, pure and without stain.

Through humblest words of greatest devotion

She accepted: the Handmaiden of the Lord.

And though pressed with fear of neighbors’ judgment,

His son did she bear: the Living God’s Word.

O Joseph, so noble and brimming with honor,

He too agreed to the greatest of callings -

To be father to God, father to Jesus,

Father to Him who guides everything.

And leading wife and child to Bethlehem,

He thirsted and hungered, he bled from his feet.

But without fail, with courage he led them,

And ceased not, did he, till journey was complete.

When the noble hour had come for His birth,

No palace nor grandeur found place in His plans.

For in the lowest of places our God came to us,

In a manger, delivered by carpenter’s hands.

A King for all kings, a Priest for all priests,

A Lord for all lords is our Jesus, so mild.

The mightiest power and glory of all:

Incarnate, made flesh in the form of a child.

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