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Musing on God's "PEACE"

What is "peace"? I believe it was Saint Augustine who described peace as tranquillitatis ordinis - "the tranquility of order." A run of the mill dictionary defines tranquility these days as "freedom from agitation or disturbance" and order as "the rule of law or proper authority." Perhaps, then, my working definition of peace should be something like: "The freedom of dwelling in the state of accordance with God's design and will." Even more simply: "Joyfully living as I was made to live."

When am I agitated, disturbed, frustrated, angry, or lacking peace? Precisely when I am not living in this state. And I cannot rightly accuse God or the devil or anyone else of pushing me into such a miserable mode. I put myself there every time!

But why? This is my dilemma so very often. Maybe Saint Paul had something like this in mind when he wrote about doing the thing he hated and not doing that which he wanted in his heart of hearts to do (see Romans 7). How can I put into practice what I know and believe in such a way that it becomes second nature, something that is in my very bones, my spiritual DNA? Of course we can do nothing without God's grace. But He is surely offering me superabundant grace at every moment. What's missing, then? What's the secret? How can I cease getting in His way so often? What must I do each day to truly submit not just my intellect or my vague curiosity to Him, but my will - my very self?

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