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Why Am I Here?

I must begin by giving you some examples of utterly insufficient reasons. I am not here because it's just what my family has always done. Habits are, after all, sometimes bad for you. I am not here to be entertained. There are other ways to achieve that, and no matter how entertained one ever is, it always fades away. I am not primarily here to be inspired by the words or advice of the preacher, the witness of others, or the wonderful faith enrichment resources the parish staff makes available. I'm not here because I'm holier than thou or worthy to be in this sanctuary. I'm not even here out of a desire for fellowship or social connection. We do need these, but company is not automatically good.

So why am I here? The truth is so simple that it may surprise you. I am here because I am sick. More to it - I am dying and I need to be healed. This is spiritual urgent care. I need to be saved by my one and only savior. The word itself contains a healing message within it (from Latin salvus, the same root as "salve" or healing balm). I have sinned against God and against all of you, against every human being on earth. I have willingly done something to reject objective reality itself through my own subjective selfishness. I have been unrighteous, irresponsible, and it's my own fault - not someone else's. For what I have done, I do not deserve to be forgiven. I am incapable of healing myself because my selfish, distorted self is the wound.

But God is infinite love itself, and He wants nothing more than to pour out that healing, transforming love into my being so dramatically that my sins will be literally washed away. He wants to save my life by infusing me with his own life.

That is why I am here. If you have any other reason, you'll never understand what this is all about.

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