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Second Saturday of Advent

"The LORD also declares to you that the LORD will make a house for you...Your house and your kingdom are firm forever before me; your throne shall be firmly established forever.” 2 Sam. 7:11,16

Reflection: David, like so many of his ancestors, eventually falls from grace into great sin. But the ever-faithful Lord will never abandon him. David’s house is shaken and will face centuries of turmoil, but the Lord makes another oath: one day He will raise up the Messiah, the King of Kings from David’s line who will rule forever. The Savior is coming.

Prayer: God our Father, David the King is the great unifier and leader of the Hebrew people, but he falls like all the others. But in Your infinite mercy, you raise him up and bring us salvation through his house. Help us to reflect on your boundless love. Amen.

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