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God Wants You!

"God seeks you rather than your gift. Christ seeks the one whom he has redeemed by his blood rather than what you have found in your storeroom."

- Saint Augustine (Sermon 82, 5)

I stumbled across this quote from the inimitable Saint Augustine and it reminded me of something similar from Saint Paul in his second letter to the Christians at Corinth: "I seek not what is yours but you" (2 Cor 12:14).

I know that God wants me to do the right thing, to follow the Ten Commandments, and to live in loving service to others. But why? What's it all for, anyway? Sometimes we lose sight of how awesome the truth really is. What is to motivate us in such an oftentimes challenging lifestyle? Namely, it is the chance to be truly His forever.

The Lord wants us to actually be good. He who is Goodness itself knows that we must, if this desire is sincere, lose ourselves so entirely in Him that it is only in Him that we can be found. To fall in love with God, we must fall into Love itself - or rather, Love Himself. We must allow Him to draw us ever deeper into the mystery of who He is: Love.

Lord God, our Father in Heaven, show us how to fall so utterly in love with You that no one will ever find us but by coming to You! Amen.

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