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Based on What?

I've noticed a curious feature of human life that is pretty intriguing when you think about it. I'm talking about the seemingly inescapable desire, like an insatiable thirst, which marks our lives from beginning to end.

We go through life ceaselessly seeking all sorts of different experiences, relationships, and material treasures. We pursue achievements, titles, and honors in our academic and professional lives. We may spend years in search of the dream house, the perfect vacation spot, or the ultimate self-improvement method. We add to our lives everything and everyone we think will bring us happiness and satisfaction.

Despite the almost infinite spectrum of ways in which this human experience

can play out, there seems to be a rather obvious common thread. I think it's so obvious that many of us miss it altogether. Amidst the frequently dizzying pace of this endless searching, every single one of us, without exception, comes to the same realization time and time again. It isn't enough. It's never enough. I always wantmore. But is this just a sign of greed? I don't think so. I think the truth is much deeper than that and far more mysterious.

It seems to me that in the final estimation what we all really desire is permanence. If we're truly honest about all this, it's not really true that we simply want more. We want all. We want genuine "fulfillment", to be full and even overflowing with life, joy, and love forever with no end. I challenge you to find one person who would seriously say, "Well, I think I've had all of the life, joy, love, and fulfillment I was looking for! I'm good!"

The question I'd like to pose to you is this: Based on what? Just think about this for a minute. If there is one thing that should be abundantly clear and entirely indisputable for every person who has ever lived, it should be thatnothing is permanent. Absolutely nothing! When's the last time you saw anything that was truly "permanent" or "everlasting" or "eternal"? Seasons always come and go. So do the people we love. So do the people we don't love so much. So do jobs, good bosses, bad bosses, good looks, not so good looks, health, incredible experiences, boring experiences, and mediocre experiences.

Everything passes away. Yet there is something that never passes away - our yearning for that which can never pass away. From our earliest memories until the moment when we draw our last breath, we endlessly seek firm footing in something utterly true and good and beautiful, something unchanging and unchangeable. We want permanent, eternal joy, bliss, fulfillment, and love. Why do you think that is?

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