Follow the Truth

Despite the deliberate attempt to stifle and dismiss it, the new film Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer is currently in theaters around the country. I was able to see it last night along with my wife and a fairly sizable group of friends and I wanted to share some thoughts in the wake of it. I'm not going to focus on the plot of the film itself or the details of the case, but I highly recommend you watch the trailer below and also look into it for yourself here: At one point in the film, a young Millennial investigative blogger who has been covering the case says something that stuck with me. When asked why she has been so diligently covering a case that

The "Unconditional" Love of God?

This notion always gives me pause. I think it's worth asking what one really means when one says it. If what one means by God's "unconditional" love is a relationship in which love is freely given, regardless of how much the recipient deserves or does not deserve it, that is one thing. If, however, this means or at least includes in its definition the notion that God's love will automatically save me and get me to heaven, even against my reluctant will, we have a problem. God's love is indeed freely given to all and it comes in infinite supply. But why is that? It's because love isn't something God has, love is what God is. Love, says Thomas Aquinas with the same voice as Christ, means "to w