A Modest and Loving Correction for Bono

I'll never forget the experience of buying my first music CD in Middle School when I was 13 years old. I went with my mom to the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill, PA and I was more excited than usual since I had recently become the owner of a real, genuine portable CD player! Once we got to the mall, Mom went her way and I went mine - straight to The Wall (later it became FYE). Some of you may remember this little tape and CD store that used to be near the old food court. They were probably best known for their "Lifetime Music Guarantee" program for customers (remember those blue stickers on the CD cases?!) But I digress! I wandered through the store for what seemed like a really long time bef

Beyond My Horizons

The whole vast expanse of the cosmos lies before me, around me, even right in the midst of my beating heart if I will but awaken. Far too often I bury myself deep in distraction, busy-ness, "productivity" or whatever you wish to call it. Why? Because it's easy. Because it's what I know. Even the most pointless, mundane routine or habit can oftentimes seem preferable to change or real growth. Spiritual growing pains are at least as uncomfortable as physical ones, and they are usually far more trying. They remind me that I am not meant to remain on my current spiritual plane any more than I am meant to eat baby food or play with rattles. When I allow in the light of truth, even if by accident,