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Where am I pointed?

Here's a question worth considering: toward what end, what purpose, what telos as Aristotle and other ancients would call it, would my behavior today indicate I am heading? What do my daily choices suggest about the road I'm now walking and my ultimate end?

I don't refer here to "end" as merely the conclusion of an activity but more so in terms of my life's overall meaning - my purpose. Put more bluntly, were I to die today, what would be the "truth" of my very existence before Almighty God the Father? Would I, in fact, be a true son of the Father? Are the decisions I've been making lately ones that God's son would make or are they more indicative of the behavior embraced by a selfish and ungrateful creature? In short, am I God-centered, or anything other than God-centered (i.e. self-centered, wealth-centered, success-centered, pleasure-centered, sports-centered, YouTube-centered, etc.)?

God makes no arbitrary or flippant judgments. All He does is declare the truth and permanence of our final "yes" or "no" to His invitation to dwell in the love of the Trinity forever. Which choice am I making today? Which one are you making? We should all give this some thought!

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