"Enduring courage; strength of character in bearing pain with patience or in meeting danger undauntedly." Strength. Not only of body, but of will and spirit and mind. Guts, gusto, what have you. I feel as though fortitude appears in my own life in brief, momentary flashes and then seems to vanish into thin air. How to hold on to it is still a mystery to me. "Enduring courage." It's not uncommon to wonder how one's courage can endure in such a frightening and brutal world. How can one persistently stand up for good in a world filled with poverty, hatred, violence and despair? Wars never cease so long as man is filled with pride and greed. Each new conflict, each death, each dashed dream can s

Choose Wisely

Coming to terms with God's call to obedience is a difficult undertaking for me most of the time. At first glance it may seem easy: obey God, for he is God. My fears should seem small when compared with his glory, but when I honestly assess them it turns out that they're usually bigger in my mind. Transformation in Christ is a great mystery. It is the greatest mystery of all. God calls me to a change of the very core of my being, a change that must necessarily eliminate from me everything that does not bear his mark. Evil is really nothing more than the empty, space-less, barren void that grows wherever I have willingly rejected God. When I participate in evil, I literally assent to an unmaki