Humility (aka Knowing One's Place)

Jesus tells Satan in rebuke, “It is written,‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’” (Matthew 4:4). He says this in full knowledge that he is himself God’s Word, the heavenly Bread come down to earth. It is precisely this self-knowledge, knowledge that can only come from knowing the Father perfectly, that enables Jesus to do the Father’s works. Socrates taught the vital importance of self-knowledge as an indispensable foundation of a fully human life. For him, it involved a sincere renunciation of pride and arrogance, and the admission of human weakness. Legitimate self-knowledge was, for Socrates, always rooted in recognition that as finite

Mercy is True Power

It is all too easy to stick to the attitude that might is right. In contrast, mercy usually seems like weakness, a foolish abandonment of the tough and resolute course of action I typically want to pursue. I think we all experience it. Someone hurts me, so naturally that person should be made to suffer in return. A neighbor insults me, so I insult her right back. Or perhaps I even go so far as to spread that delicious little piece of info about her that I know will ruin her reputation. The prevailing notion that usually seems to rule the day is this: I can't really be up unless someone else is down. I routinely live my life in a way that seems to assume that the true measure of happiness, pe