Pester God the Father!

Are you stuck? Do you, like me, feel as though things have stalled and that life has lost forward momentum? It happens. Sometimes it seems to happen for long stretches and I don't know what to do. I can't understand what the Lord is up to and life just doesn't seem fair. What should we do when things are like this? I think it's helpful to take a closer look at Jesus' parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18. You may remember this little gem from Our Lord. A woman keeps pestering an unjust judge day and night, insisting relentlessly that he issue her a just judgment. This judge, we are told, "neither feared God nor respected any human being." That is itself a key point! When we distance our

Sex MEANS something...

I think it was Aristotle who once spoke about the nature of objective reality along these lines: “To say about that which is that it is to speak the truth; to say about that which is not that it is to not speak the truth.” You may have to read that a few times before it sinks in. If Aristotle is right and there is such a thing as natural law (and I’m convinced he is), it follows that every square inch of the universe means something. Why is that? Put simply, if there in fact exists a Natural Law (i.e. what Thomas Aquinas defined as rational creatures' "participation in the eternal law" which orders and governs the very fabric of reality) it is utterly reasonable to infer that there must be a