The Wildest Ride of All

It's a wild ride these days! My wife Kristine is just a few weeks away from completing her doctorate. I am a few short weeks away from the end of a four year journey at St. Joseph's Catholic Academy and I'm on track to complete my master's by the end of the year. We're both job hunting and house hunting and we want to get a dog. Our daughter Noelle is pretty happy about that last one - she loves puppies! But when I really get to thinking about all the changes taking place, it doesn't take much to bring on the fear and anxiety. I think it's due in no small part to the fact that it isn't really a "ride" at all, is it? Rides are usually passive experiences. Even the wild ones where you need to

The Fight Must Go On

So yesterday was Easter Sunday. This morning, I took this photo from our porch: What?! Rather than wallow in self-pity, however, something rather spiritual about the whole situation occurred to me. The fight isn't over yet! The spiritual battle goes on. Jesus has won the final victory, yes. He has indeed procured the antidote to all of our spiritual ailments and has conquered Death itself. He did it 2,000 years ago and he didn't miss a single detail. But guess what? I wasn't around back then. I'm here now, suffering and struggling with my own sinful inclinations now, here, today. How does that antidote find its way into me, specifically? How does Christ's saving work heal and transform my th


The morning of the third day has brought something utterly incredible, unthinkable, even impossible. Mary Magdalene has returned in haste from the tomb with shocking news - she claims that Jesus, lifeless and entombed since Friday afternoon, HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD! Peter and John race towards the tomb. John, the only one of the Twelve who followed Christ to the cross itself. John who watched Jesus die the most agonizing of all deaths. John who knew better than the others that there was no doubt - their beloved Master was truly dead. Peter, the chief of the apostles. The man who had walked on the tempestuous sea toward Christ. The one whom Jesus had renamed "Rock" and to whom he had promised