When "Being Funny" Breaks a Commandment

Have you ever noticed that some people just can't seem to help themselves when it comes to embracing a joking or even mocking attitude toward just about everything? I must confess that I have fallen into patterns like this myself from time to time. For many people, I think this can begin from a simple start line: I want to fit in, I want to be popular, I want to make people laugh, I want to be "the funny guy." I know that for me, this was oftentimes the case. It was surely bound up with some insecure fear that I wasn't really good enough or, more often, a desire to shift any undesirable attention from myself to someone or something else. Here's where the problems begin. I see this a lot thes

Where am I pointed?

Here's a question worth considering: toward what end, what purpose, what telos as Aristotle and other ancients would call it, would my behavior today indicate I am heading? What do my daily choices suggest about the road I'm now walking and my ultimate end? I don't refer here to "end" as merely the conclusion of an activity but more so in terms of my life's overall meaning - my purpose. Put more bluntly, were I to die today, what would be the "truth" of my very existence before Almighty God the Father? Would I, in fact, be a true son of the Father? Are the decisions I've been making lately ones that God's son would make or are they more indicative of the behavior embraced by a selfish and un